We use LabSlice to issue on-demand, time based leases of our training environments. Each training machine can now be easily retrieved from the cloud, used by the student on their laptop and then automatically shut-down at the end of our training session. 

Deploy on-demand Virtual Training environments

Problem LabSlice solution
  • Challenges in giving students access to dedicated server resources for only short amounts of time.
  • Wasted time in getting students to install and configure the machines required for training.
  • Lack of physical resources (CPU and memory) to enable an effective training environment on student laptops.
  • High overall maintainence and usage costs.
  • Training images are readily available in the cloud.
  • Images can be emailed to trainees before session commencement and run directly off the student's laptop.
  • Machines leases automatically managed, to ensure your environment is terminated at the end of a training session.
  • Secure, off-premise training environment, with machine leases available at just 2-3 cents/hr.
  • Managed and policy controlled cloud training environment.

Solutions by role

Role How we help
Sales Increase sales with demos, evaluations and POCs that you can share.
Training Deploy on-demand training and certification environments.
IT operations    Reduce costs with test and sandbox environments in the cloud.


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