We use LabSlice to share product evaluations with prospective customers, giving them direct access to real builds of our enterprise software. It costs us almost nothing to share a VM, but it significantly improves the chance that we'll be able to make additional sales of our application. 

Increase sales with Virtual Demos

Problem LabSlice solution
  • Inability to rapidly share demo, evaluation and POC environments with prospective customers.
  • High cost involved in setting up an enterprise evaluation at customer premises.
  • Lack of staff, skills and physical resources to help customers set-up an evaluation machine.
  • Security concern in permitting public access to on-premise evaluation environments.
  • Product images are stored in the cloud and readily available for use.
  • Customer evaluations and POCs are run in the cloud: secure, scalable and immediate access to your solution.
  • Fully accessible, pre-configured systems that run with the exact hardware, software and OS configurations that you need.
  • Images can be shared with any customer simply by sending an email.
  • Increased effectiveness of your sales channel ($$$).

Solutions by role

Role How we help
Sales Increase sales with demos, evaluations and POCs that you can share.
Training Deploy on-demand training and certification environments.
IT operations    Reduce costs with test and sandbox environments in the cloud.


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