The system is simple and effective. It is the perfect way to get colleagues to use Amazon AWS without them having to know its technical ins and outs. Mark Mulligan, King's College London. 
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How do you save me money?

Large companies will typically host training sessions or run in-house playground environments, both of which necessitate the deployment of Windows or Linux machines to individual staff members. Such activities require a high upfront investment in physical server infratructure, even though the infrastructure is only used on an ad-hoc or infrequent basis. LabSlice allows you to avoid any investment in server purchases and on-going maintainence by giving your staff access to servers directly from the cloud. And you pay for these machines only when they are in use, saving you $10Ks each and every year.

How do you make me money?

LabSlice can increase the effectiveness of your sales team by enabling them to share product demos, evaluations and POCs with prospective customers. Satisfy customers by giving them direct, hands-on access to your product as part of your sales pitch. LabSlice is the only tool that can give your sales team an advantage by allowing customers to fully interact with your product.

Why do you use Amazon AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides us with an almost infinite supply of cloud computing resources, yet delivers this at a very low cost. If you deploy only 'micro' sized instances, then you can limit your costs to only 3 cent per machine per hour.

LabSlice extends the positive features of Amazon AWS to make it into a multi-user, policy driven and share-able environment.

Do I have to use my Amazon AWS account?

At this stage we only support Amazon AWS, so you will need to use your Amazon AWS account to enable LabSlice. This scenario may change in the future as additional providers become viable.

We can enable some potential enterprise customers to use our own AWS account. This is purely on a customer basis, and you will need to contact us to have this enabled.

How do I sign-up to AWS?

You must have a valid Amazon AWS account to use LabSlice. You can register an AWS account directly with Amazon.

Note that Amazon AWS is completely independent from LabSlice. You will ultimately be billed by Amazon for use of the virtual machines, based on the current EC2 pricing model.

Where are my AWS registration details?

You will need your AWS Access Keys to be registered with LabSlice when you create your account. The AWS keys enable us to create, start, stop and search for machines in your Amazon EC2 profile.

You can find your AWS Access Keys here:

Virtual Training

How do I enable the EC2 service?

Signing up for Amazon Web Services (AWS) will not give you access to provision cloud machines using the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). The EC2 service is a pay-as-you-go service which must be individually enabled:

If you do not have Amazon EC2 enabled then you will see a screen similar to this:

Virtual Evaluations

Why do you only support EBS-backed machines?

The EBS-backed machines are faster to load, can be stopped and can be taken a snapshot of in a matter of minutes. They support the newer Micro instances sizes (only 2 cents/hr) and in many cases will be of lower cost to run for typical LabSlice usage profiles. All these benefits made us decide to support only the EBS-backed AMIs.